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This is a great idea

To be honest, I had a similar idea to yours. This style is awesome. I don't know how long you took to make this but I'd recommend making a second part but with blood and sounds in it. Also I think the yellow guy at the end should have gotten stuck instead of getting killed. It would have made it more original looking. All of these people also died in the same way. I liked how that guy lifted up the block with his two hands. That was probably my favourite part. I understand how hard it was making this. Are you going to make another?

IceyDrummer responds:

I'm not sure, if i do it's going to be a project for home because i did this in school so i wanted to keep it clean as to not get in trouble... But i guess if people really did like it i might make a second, any thoughts on names?


MY BLUE B COMES TO LIFE! (See my flash ;P)


Well it was funny I watched until the end. Sorta slow in ways and the voices were good. Don't worry about the graphics. Maybe you were meant to make them like that... I can't believe I was eating while watching this! Appetite! Well good work. It was sort of original but got a little crazy near the end

Hereder responds:

Thanks ;)
Yea. Me and my brother gave eatch other 30 minutes to make a movie. So i could'not make to serius animations.
But this movie are 3 movies in 1. I released them one by one on my own homezite :)

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Thank you for using my music

Now suggestions time!

The main flaw in this game is that you lose lives so fast, it makes the game not fun to just keep restarting. Now I'm not saying make it easier or anything. Perhaps you could just double the number of lives in this game? It lacks that

Secondly, pressing Z every time you touch one of those mines or whatever they are, doesn't always work. Okay, maybe pressing Z is a good idea but you should make it so that it's instant instead of being directly on top of it to make it work. If that is too hard to input.. then perhaps just make it so that you don't have to press Z at all and only touch it? I love the boost idea, idiots who don't want for the screen to move further down would use that to smash into a wall, lovely. Don't alter the boost, it's awesome. Perhaps you could make it so that there is a sideways boost as well? It wouldn't give too much advantage in movement but, there are some juicy looking horizontal lines sometimes which I can't take out due to that Z button problem. Fix those two problems and the game will be much better. I vote 5 for you.

alillm-com responds:

Hey Arnas, Thank YOU for making the music =) it's great!

A few people have mentioned the lives. It is a hard game, and I wanted it to be that way as a challenge to try and complete it. You do get an extra life after each level, so if you try to get through the first couple of levels without losing a life, then you will be in a better position to try and complete it.

The z key problem completely baffles me. I had the same problem, but I thought it was just my keyboard (which is always getting stuck). The code is set up so as long as the "target locked" graphic is showing, you can destroy the target. The lack of response sometimes is really strange.

Thank you for using my music in this game

The idea is good. If you could make it that the ball always bounces upwards when you click it. It would have been much more addictive. Though, there is a major flaw that kills the whole game. Try clicking the ball as if you are dragging it. It will always stay still. This is a major glitch. Basically, you can just get as high of a score as you want. It would be the same as clicking to get a score

When I submit the score, why can't I enter my own name? Besides it says nothing after you submit it. I want to look at the highscores. Where can I do that? I want to see who scored top but I can't

Those two are major flaws

I liked it

The only thing I didn't like is the lack of upgrades to a certain tower. That would have rocked.

http://img250.imageshack.us/img250/31 27/screenylq0.png Here's a screenshot of how I lost. The sounds got really annoying near the end that I had to turn them off to save my ears. Seeing how I got to this level. You KNOW I enjoyed it. Well done.

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Sounds good

You needed more parts with drums and make it less repetitive. Especially you need to add some bass or pads at least in the back. The drum parts were the only things that lived it up. Maybe you could have added bass with the drums. The electric parts should stay the same though

Not bad for the newest one

I still think MetaKlystic is your best one. This one sounded like Daft Punk. You could have maybe added the voices more often and make it voice-trippy. I didn't like the instruments mixing together later on in the song. Maybe you should have made the new instrument on it's own? It didn't sound right with the other. Oh and the buzzing isn't the best sound to be repetitive. There are certain sounds I can't listen to for longer while others I can listen to for as long as I like. Which sound good to my ears. This one sounded like an 8-bit buzz which got annoying fast. I rate it a 5 because I can't say if it's good or bad. Try maybe making stuff like MetaKlystic? lol this song is trippy too, just maybe add more voices and it will be awesome XD. I just love listening to it with voices

BacterialBag responds:

I figured that I need to re-master this song, I really appreciate it that you can't say its good or bad (its good btw xD), a really honest opinion and a great helpfull review, thank you for that :)

ps. it was kinda the idea for this song to use crazy sounds and a crazy beat so thats why it might sound kinda odd, but that was what I was aiming for.

I downloaded this

I love how your style is very similar to mine. A lot of NG music sounds very similar to one another. This one has really great bass but there was one part where it was just the drums with nothing else like at 1:11

I'll check out more of your songs. Please check out some of mine to see what I mean when I said that my style is similar

BacterialBag responds:

Checked and checking, thnx for the review :)


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