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First Screenshot

2013-09-16 05:21:08 by Arnas

I won't spoil the entire episode of course.

Next time I'll save in Gimp.

First Screenshot


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2013-09-16 20:46:58

You sure are dedicated!


2013-09-16 23:42:03

I could c some graphs error in it anyway and not much clear But I m sure you will give best in movie and remove these little errors :)

Arnas responds:

I didn't save it in Gimp. That's why the graphics quality in the image is low.


2013-09-17 10:56:28

wow I see sparky, ginkgo and Haku now.
I think they are completed 100%.

(Updated ) Arnas responds:

You don't understand

They are always 100% completed but they still have problems :P

If they were not 100% then they would be "Unfinished" like Soniroth

And even so, one sprite doesn't mean 100% all sprites XD


2013-09-17 13:29:01

Looks pretty good so far