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Comments (35)

I'll be waiting. :)

u're the only sonic animator. who sill interacting with us. we can wait. study hard. good luck :)

I hope that you still working on Centera.

Man, next episode or not, PLEASE, please create some kind of wiki, information folder, a place where you can put bios and concepts. I really want to know how this all started, the first episode isn't too well-made and there seems to have been some Sonic-fan forum related to all of this, but it's inaccessible.

This was one of the first flashes I ever watched and I still dont' really know what it's about. You had some interesting ideas, they're just not easy to follow. Sonic Cosmic Dimensions and the Tournament, all these characters and stories just seem to come from nowhere.

No rush, please, if you ever give up on it, or continue it, PM or dump some exposition somewhere. I'd hate for this to be one of those relics of the old internet, like Joe Zombie and Xombie.

yeah what happened to him. he kida gave up on dimensions. which is my favorite thing of his so far

I hope that you are still alive Arnas.
The Arabs ISIS Allah attacked to London. :((((
I hope that you are not dead.
Please I want to see new updates and versions of your game.
When will you release the game?

I would want to see new post on NG about Centera Evo World. Maybe fans wish to know game's progress. Has passed 2 years. :)

Arnas, when are you gonna update? We miss you.

I'd never even expected you to make SSW 16, 17 or 18. But you did a great job continuing them. I don't know why, but Sonic Syythe World has made up most of my teenage and childhood. And it's kinda like Harry Potter to me. :)

I'll also be waiting

@ZeroZephyrum I hope that Arnas will post in August 2018.

sonic cursed elements 2 when?

When will you post on NG? Are you still alive?

You still alive, Arnas?

I think that Arnas cancelled Sonic Series. It's too bad.

Arnas man are you alright it been years just making sure you doing okay man just reply man we are all worry about you

What happened to sonic cosmic dimensions and SCD VS SSW?

Its alright dude, you have your own life and we understand if you don't have time for animating
You are probably 30 now, maybe even married and have a family
I really enjoyed SSW and SCD, they made my childhood
If you quit or keep working on it just let us know

Hey you Mr: Arnas!
When do you post on NG about your new project because the last post has been in 2016?
I bet you will continue your project Sonic Syythe World 19.
But i readed your past posts about Sonic Cosmic Dimensions 5.
You must to work on all. Bye.

@globber12 I'm so worried....

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