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2014-01-23 16:00:42 by Arnas

I've always talked about my game in the making but I never even got to it. I started it way back and haven't been able to touch it. I have been working hard on it now. It bothers me to leave stuff undone.


SCD 5 has not been waiting around as long as this. Making games is also my dream achievement.


Go here and sign up to FGL and then click this link again to be taken to my profile. Click Evo World and play it. It's very very unfinished. I hope you guys give me suggestions and support on releasing this game.


I do want to make SCD 5 but having my game never done bothers me, since I do enjoy and want to make games.


Speaking of things undone, SCE [Sonic Cursed Elements] is sitting right at the bottom.


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2014-01-23 16:06:11

Hahaha XD it's so difficult to prioritize when you have so many projects on your hand at once. But that's great to hear you enjoy making games. I don't think I'd have the patience to code everything, let alone make sure the codes actually work. I'll just stick with drawn animation and illustration, haha.


2014-01-23 16:26:12

Never give up and just keep working at it, it'll all come together


2014-01-23 16:45:10

This is Evo (C#)?

Arnas responds:

It's the same one I mentioned but it will be called "Evo World"


2014-01-23 17:48:10

A question!
Will you work again on Sonic Series after Evo World?
You said that you enjoy to make games.

Arnas responds:

Yeah I will, it's just that I like making games time to time.

Sonic Series are easier to make but I don't improve my skills from making them.


2014-01-24 07:46:18

Will you finishing Evo World in february?
When you think?


2014-01-24 14:10:16

What is percentage in this game called Evo World on now?

Arnas responds:

It's at like 5%, I'll finish it sometime this year hopefully.


2014-01-30 14:16:47

Are you finish another sprites of SCD for now?
Blade, Ryddo, Target, Deluge and Relax.


2014-01-31 16:48:36

This Evo World is a RPG like Evolution of magic?

Arnas responds:

It's not turn based. You actually move around and do things, so it's action-RPG.

If you want to play it, you can sign up on FGL for it. I'm going to release a new update on it very soon. So it will become about 10% complete.


2014-02-05 22:55:38

No worries Arnas, you just have to pace yourself, and keep a cool head. Don't worry dude you'll get it done.


2014-02-07 16:24:13

I hope than you will complete Sonic Series because I know that the life is short.
Evo is now 13%?

Arnas responds:

It's still at 10%

I think the approximate release date for Evo World will be 2015. I want to devote my time to flash games. I'm sorry.


2014-02-26 15:20:09

Nasty if this game will be out in 2015. 1 year.
I hope that is 20%.


2014-03-06 19:49:33

Uhh, is there a difference between Evo DX 2 and Evolution of Magic 2?